For over 10 years, I could not bring myself to finish anything. From important things like completing college to small things like finishing a book – the best I could give was a half-hearted effort leading to mediocre outcomes. I felt disorganized, anxious and frustrated – it felt like hitting a concrete ceiling standing in the way of my potential. The stress set my physical auto-immune issues on fire and I went down a dark vicious cycle. My job & academic performance suffered. I barely managed to get my Bachelor’s degree, and I didnโ€™t make a single sale three months into my first sales job. At rock-bottom, I realized I had to change something. Being a fitness enthusiast, I looked at my diet and researched its impact on mental and physical health. I fixed up my diet. Within a month, my auto-immune issues cleared up and I felt a sense of clarity, energy and focus I’d never felt before. I was blown away by the impact that changing a personal system can bring about. I got all the mentorship I needed at a low cost – mostly videos from subject matter experts on YouTube, self-guided courses, and 1:1 coaching when I felt that my individual situation warranted it. With my new-found mental and physical health, I continued learning about & implementing personal systems for things like mental health, personal finances and productivity. I became a top sales performer, quickly paid off my $50K student debt, and learned to manage multiple projects with ease. Productivity quickly became my biggest passion, and now I use my knowledge and experience to help others overcome the hurdles I facedย with my videos on YouTube, self-paced courses and 1:1 consultations.
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