#12: Rank your Commitments

I recently did a test to figure out my optimal productivity style.

One of my biggest challenges is the balancing act of managing the various responsibilities in my personal and work life. Since becoming a solo entrepreneur, this has become amplified since I am responsible for everything in my business.

Luckily, this was one of the key questions in the test, and it led me to discover a new productivity puzzle piece: the commitment inventory.

Here’s how it works:

  1. List all the focus areas in your life. (Example: if your job is “Account Executive”, then that is a focus area, and the job description should explain what responsibilities come with it)
  2. Estimate how much % of your time/energy goes into each.
  3. Rank them by importance.
  4. Ensure their rank and time/energy investment match.

Does your time investment match up with your assessed importance? Or is there a mismatch?

This exercise helped me see that I was spending too much time on my business and neglecting some personal relationships. Since becoming aware of it and arranging my lists in my task manager per my priorities, I’ve noticed immediate improvement.

It’s a subtle but powerful change.

What does your commitment inventory tell you?

Actionable advice for this week: create your commitment inventory.

Make sure to include everything you spend time on. Even things that seem obvious, like ‘sister’ (can’t choose to be one) need to be included since you inevitably act on that role in one way or another.

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