#11: Eat That Frog

How would you feel about eating a live frog, right now?

Imagine it.

The wet, slimy reptilian limbs being squished between your teeth.

Feeling disgusted yet?

Now, how does running for 5 miles sound?

Probably not that bad anymore.

This is the magic of a productivity principle by Brian Tracy, which posits that you should always start with your most dreaded task first: Eat That Frog.

It’s the tasks that we anticipate with dread, fear or avoidance that usually deliver the most growth.

The benefits don’t stop there though.

After completing the task, you’ll feel a sense of power that will make any task following it appear easy in comparison. After all, none of them are as bad/scary/difficult as the first.

Enjoy effortless productivity.

Actionable advice for this week: start the day with your most dreaded task.

Go to your to-do list, mark a task as a ‘Frog’ task and attack it first thing in the morning. Be brave, don’t think and go for it. Eat That Frog.

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