#10: Reset LinkedIn

When I talk to people about LinkedIn, their first response is usually that they don’t really use it because it’s too cringe, annoying and full of self-serving narcissists who treat a LinkedIn post like a press conference.

I get it. It’s a real problem, and I’ve been guilty of that myself.

If you open LinkedIn and your first instinct reaction upon seeing your feed is finding the nearest bathroom to puke, it’s time for a LinkedIn Reset.

How it works is simple:

  1. Unfollow everyone.
  2. Follow people & pages that you can actually learn, get inspired or motivated from.

In this issue, you’ll learn how to do step 1, and it just takes one minute on your computer.

  1. Log in to LinkedIn
  2. Go to My Network
  3. Navigate to People I Follow
  4. Copy this code snippet
  5. Right Click the page
  6. Press Inspect
  7. Go the Section named Console
  8. Paste the code snippet in the terminal
  9. Press Enter

If you’ve done everything correctly, you should see LinkedIn unfollow everyone live in front of your eyes.

Here’s what makes this method so powerful:

  • It’s free. This code snippet is publicly available.
  • It’s fast: for most people, depending on how many people you follow, it should not take more than a minute.
  • It’s safe. You’re just telling your web browser to perform an action in bulk.
  • It’s reversible. You can re-follow anyone after the script has run because the people or pages don’t disappear from your view.

Actionable advice for this week: perform a LinkedIn Reset.

Do it for everything at once if you’re bold, or use the filter menu under People I Follow to do it for Connections, Out-of-Network, Companies or Hashtags only. Then refill your feed with people who post things that actually help you. Not sure who to follow? Start with this guy. 😉

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