#24: Template-ize your Life

You’ve probably seen automation hailed as a cornerstone of high-level productivity, and it’s true for tasks that don’t require manual input. But what about the tasks that do?

This is where templates can help.

Do you enjoy building furniture, and are you finding yourself going through the same steps each time you build something? Turn it into a project template.

Are you often writing the same text in sales emails you’re sending out? Turn it into an email template.

Is your packing list the same for each trip? Turn it into a packing list template.

This ensures you don’t miss something, while not having to think about designing the process each time.

Actionable advice for this week: create a template.

This weekend, think about what kind of templates you could create for tasks you perform frequently. What activity would such a template support, what would it look like, and what would you need to create it?

For inspiration, check out one of my many productivity app setup templates.

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