#14: Capture your Shower Thoughts

Do you capture your shower thoughts?

If you aren’t, then you’re missing out. Great ideas often come during unexpected times or in unexpected places.

Not writing them down increases your risk of forgetting them.
Luckily, most to-do apps have a built-in inbox, and in all my tutorials you’ll find a dedicated section on the capturing process.

In this issue, you’ll learn how to capture interesting input from the web through something called a web clipper.

This is a piece of software, either standalone or as an extension for your to-do app, that automatically saves links all the way up to entire web pages for you to review later.

They make it easy to save valuable information, as they can be positioned right next to your address bar, and often require just one press of a button to work.

Here are a few that I’ve tested:
– Braintoss (standalone)
– Evernote (extension)
– Notion (extension)
– Todoist (extension)
– TickTick (extension)
– Trello (extension)

Check them out and see if any of them fits with your workflow. They are super intuitive. Instructions on each are included with the link.

Actionable advice for this week: install a web clipper.

Start capturing, stop forgetting. Pro-tip: if you’re on mobile, you can press the social share button on a web page, social media post, or even local files, and you’ll find a capture button for all the apps mentioned above.

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