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How my work has impacted others

Your GTD videos really make a big difference for me as you demonstrate how to put GTD system from theory to practice. Huge productivity boost!

-Hannouchi hannx黃婉琳

I started my GTD practice with folders and spreadsheets 😂 but when I started to watch your videos… man, you fixed my life. Thank you so much! Greetings from Peru.

-Franco Enrique Paredes Quiroz

I have been struggling to get my head around setting up my GTD system. I have ADHD and have so much going on, it's crippling. Thanks so much, it's so appreciated, you saved me so much stress and headache.


I’ve been wanting to change my system for ages and this has finally given me some ideas that feel like they fit my needs. Thank you so much!


Your guides are useful, straight to the point, easy to understand (also on complicated tools and system like gtd) and reliable. You helped me a lot to implement the right tools on my daily stuff, work and personal.



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