#5: Do a Weekly Review

How was your week?

Good? ..OK, good.

But if that’s as far as your self-reflection goes, you’re missing out. Don’t worry if it does though; we were never taught how to do this more systematically.

The way out?

A Weekly Review.

If you’d like to:

  • Be able to review how the past week went
  • Get more ready than you’ve ever felt for next week
  • Align and stay on track with your goals

.. then you should give it a try.

I do my Weekly Review every Sunday. It takes me around 2 hours, but it’s time I happily invest for a successful week ahead.

The basic idea is that you commit this time to three things:

  • Getting Clear: process all your loose-ends.
  • Getting Current: make sure all your items are up to date.
  • Getting Creative: come up with new ideas to improve how you live and work.

These three principles are a bit vague, and they’re supposed to be. After all, everyone is different and may have different things to attend to in line with these principles.

Check out the video below learn about how I do my weekly review.

If you’re a Todoist user, you can get it as a template that you can download and import into your account, but you can replicate this on any app – even pen & paper!

Actionable advice for this week: create your Weekly Review ritual.

Find a time in the week that you can commit to weekly. Evaluate how you feel after doing it. If you still feel stressed after, you’ve not addressed everything that needs addressing. Keep experimenting until you’ve crafted a Weekly Review ritual that works for you.

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