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The exact system I used to change from a chaotic procrastinator to completing hundreds of projects and tasks every month without burning out.


4.87/5 (from 100+ students)

This Course is for People who want to...

Words from Happy Todoist Users

Great video! Nice ideas with the labels!
Florin S.
Solid explanation Lucas!
Alain J.
Fantastic videos, you explained things clearly and thoroughly. Thank you!
Shalhevet E.
Thank you sooo much! This is so helpful for me!
Susana B.

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What's Inside?


Getting Started

The Foundation

  • Installing the Apps for easy Access
  • Configuring the Settings for optimal Productivity
  • Key Productivity Principles 


Getting Clear

Get out of your Head

  • Perform a Mind Dump into the Todoist Inbox
  • Save anything you find online with one click
  • Never lose any idea again, where- or whenever they come up


Getting Organized

Create Structure

  • Learn how to use Tasks, Projects & Labels in Todoist
  • Set up, track and accomplish your Goals
  • Connect everything from your life purpose to everyday tasks


Getting Focused

Go from Raw to Tangible

  • Label, schedule and prioritize to do’s
  • Learn how to write Notes in Todoist
  • Set up automations for routines & habits


Getting Motivated

Actually Doing Things

  • Learn how to use Filters in Todoist
  • Create easy access to filter-based to do lists
  • Learn how to time-block in Todoist


Getting Disciplined

Maintain Productivity

  • Learn how to do a Weekly Review in Todoist
  • Learn which Todoist features to avoid
  • My advice based on years of Todoist experience

More Kind Words from Students

Great videos, Lucas. Thank you for this course.
Wouter V.
Thank you, it was really helpful 😃
Zoë B.
Hey Lucas. I just want to say that you have greatly influenced the way I use Todoist and I want to thank you for that.
Wilson R.
Hi Lucas, thanks for the great videos!
Bruce C.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for anyone who is using Todoist but feels like they’re not reaching their full potential with it. It’s beginner-friendly, so no worries if you’re using Todoist (or a task manager in general) for the first time.

If you work remotely or behind a screen most of the time, then you’ll get the most value out of this as there are some handy digital features you can use.

The official Todoist documentation is great. It’s full of helpful guides and feature explainers. 

In this course however, you won’t get a feature list from A-Z, but a structured program that you can follow in order to have Todoist support your ideal workflow – so you don’t have to spend months putting together the puzzle pieces yourself.

You don’t have to. However, hundreds of thousands of people have already benefited from my independent productivity tech reviews & tutorials on YouTube.

In this course, I’m bundling my best practices with answers to questions that benefitted most people. Feel free to check out my free Todoist guides on YouTube or newsletter to get a taste for my work if you’re not ready to make the leap yet.

You will learn how to get Todoist to become your powerful ally in completing your tasks, meeting your commitments, and achieving your goals.

Some of the principles taught in the course require permanent practice, but there are 28 actionable video lessons with an average length of around 7 minutes.

Watching the video lessons and completing the associated assignments will likely take you around 6 to 8 hours.

Yes. Paying the fee will grant you access to the course permanently.

Yes, you will receive an invoice automatically after completing your purchase, so you can add it to your administration, declare it as a business expense or as a training expense with your employer.

This is an entirely self-guided course. In order to keep this course affordable for you, I am not taking support queries related to the course.

If you need any additional help you can book a 1:1 support call with me here.

No. This course is drawn from my experience with Todoist as an independent customer. I am not an employee of Todoist and they were not involved with the creation of this course in any way. 

Yes. You will be able to do apply some lessons from this course with a free plan, but for the full experience a Pro plan is required.

Join these Happy Students

Thanks for the great introduction to Todoist!
Andy B.
I was skeptical because no one else was sharing “secrets” I didn’t already know…then you shared your tip about removing the checkbox?! That alone is a tip I can’t wait to implement - Thanks!
Melissa D.
Hi Lucas, thank you for this insightful course. Your methods have really made things easier for me.
Shikhar K.
I really enjoy your vids!
John M.

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4.87/5 (from 100+ students)

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