Lucas Prigge

#13: Un-Break it Down

One of the most touted pieces of productivity advice is to break big intimidating projects down into small, digestible, steps. The reason it’s so popular? It works. I remember when I decided to make videos on YouTube – publishing that first video was a massive undertaking. Setting up my recording setup, writing an outline, testing productivity software… I broke these …

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#11: Eat That Frog

How would you feel about eating a live frog, right now? Imagine it. The wet, slimy reptilian limbs being squished between your teeth. Feeling disgusted yet? Now, how does running for 5 miles sound? Probably not that bad anymore. This is the magic of a productivity principle by Brian Tracy, which posits that you should always start with your most dreaded task first: Eat That Frog. It’s the …

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#10: Reset LinkedIn

When I talk to people about LinkedIn, their first response is usually that they don’t really use it because it’s too cringe, annoying and full of self-serving narcissists who treat a LinkedIn post like a press conference. I get it. It’s a real problem, and I’ve been guilty of that myself. If you open LinkedIn and your first instinct reaction …

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